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Grow your pool route with Swimly's pre-set pool service appointments!

If you own a pool service company in Arizona and are looking to add more pools to your route, for as cheap as possible, then you've come to the right place. We currently have hundreds of monthly service customers that we provide ongoing maintenance for and we don't intend to sell our entire service based business, but we have now made the choice to stop growing our customer base, and instead help you build yours!  Having been in the pool service/ repair business ourselves for many years and having sold many large routes, we've since decided to focus on what we do best- MARKETING.  


Basically, our product, and what we sell to our clients (and hopefully you) are high quality, pre-set pool service sales appointments with potential customers who are interested in weekly maintenance. You would  only pay us a fee if you get the a sale. 


The process to get started with us is easy; you'll just need to contact us (by phone or email) to inquire about available appointments in areas you service. During this initial call we will discuss your needs as well as the amount you pay to us per appointment you are able to close, and once a mutual agreement has been reached, we get to work! We typically like to hold just a single short phone call with a potential client before we provide value in the form of their first set sales appointment. A set appointment is essentially a set time, typically a 1 hour arrival window where a potential customer will be expecting a Swimly certified company/ technician to come to their home for an on-site estimate.  After you have run a few of our pre-set sales appointments scheduled by us, then we will hold a follow up call to discuss and confirm our mutual desire for an ongoing business relationship. Upon approval as a certified Swimly partner, your company will be provided with ongoing high quality sales appointments and an excellent opportunity to grow your pool route for less money. 

So here's a quick recap of what you need to do to get started- first,  contact us to claim your first pre-set sales appointment in a location you service and then second, once your company is approved as a certified Swimly partner, you'll be able to run our pre-set sales appointments, give quotes for weekly service and repairs and will begin adding new customers to your route ON DEMAND. And remember, we'll only charge you for the customers you sell and decide to service. It's really that EASY!  

Thanks, Team Swimly!

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