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Austin Pool Service & Repairs

We offer two types of pool service
Option #1
Chem Only
Option #2
Full Service

Chemical service is typically cheaper than full service but only includes the ongoing maintenance of pool chemical levels. This service is performed in person and chemical levels are adjusted by a Swimly   certified pool service technician. For customers who don't want to deal with the hassles of storing chemicals at home or waiting in line at a pool store to test chemical levels, only to end up spending nearly the same amount as what we charge to do it for you, this service may be a good option. 

Full service includes everything that chemical service offers PLUS cleaning. Skimming (netting), brushing, emptying baskets, back-washing, and vacuuming (as needed) are performed weekly by a fully trained and Swimly certified pool service technician. Full service is perfect for customers that want a completely hands off experience. With our full service package, we do it all.

Just Relax! We'll take care of it. 

"We took care of the pool ourselves for years and it was the same story every summer; no matter what we did the pool would start to go green. I called Swimly and they turned it around and it's been blue, clear and clean ever since!" 

Kristen W. 


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